Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heroes or demons?

Heroes are a lie, a comfort thought for those who believe they are too weak to carry themselves through the trials and tribulations life presents. Nobody is a saint, I can guarantee you anyone that you look up to has made mistakes in their own lives that they regretted, or learnt from.
Idolising fictional beings is bullshit as well, how can you idolise something that has no idea of the pain, joy and spectre of emotions it takes to become a strong human being? To develop a survival instinct?
I don't have heroes, I have people I respect for their morals, beliefs, passions and the being they made themselves into.
My Nanna was the most fantastic person I have had the pleasure to know, a beautiful, strong and determined woman.
She had a massive influence on the person I am today, without her to teach me how to keep my chin up and hold my head high, I think I would have rid the world of my presence long ago.
I can honestly say she was my bestfriend. She protected me yet showed me the beauty of freedom and finding yourself- creating yourself.
Even though she had emphysema, arthritis and other problems, not once did she complain. She never uttered one word of how she was hurting, other people always came first. Even when she found out she had brain tumas, she put on a brave face in front of everyone else.
I know I could never do that, the amount of courage and compassion it would take to do that overwhelms me.
Yet we have teenagers idolising people like Paris Hilton because she lives a fast-paced life of drugs, one-night stands and does nothing for a living. Ohh, she's rich and famous, therefore we must idolise her because she is a spoilt bitch?
Fuck no.
My Nanna worked all of her life, looked after two children, cleaned the house and still made sure she put food on the goddamn table.
It fucking sickens me seeing twelve year old girls flaunting themselves because they idolise a corrupt image and idea.
I wish my Nanna could have been around to see that I've blossomed with a sense of morals and self-respect. I hope I have and can continue to make her proud.
Always in my heart, rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

Did I comment on this, yet? I think you're right on here - heroes are too much; too much to be one, and too much to regard one as a heroe. Thanks for your writing, as always...

Anonymous said...

...looking for your next post....