Monday, June 22, 2009


I will let you believe you affect me, defeat me with your words when really I'm just buying my time. Bare feet grace the cracked earth below, steadily they follow in your footsteps. Your shadow casts a haunting image of deceit overhead, constantly driving a knife into the naked flesh of my back. I continue to chase you though, false hope- my fuel.
One day these games will stop, only I'll be half the person I used to be. Open wounds and broken trust, hardly human.
An object for display, an object for amusement, an object for comfort; multi-purpose.
Buying time to feel a sense of worth, the money has run dry, self-loathing takes over. I'll have you know, you weren't what defeated me and you were never worth it.
Consider it lesson learnt, next time I'll take it for free, I've got nothing left.
Fallen angel wandering helplessly, you'd dig deep and find me if you cared as much as you claim.
I see your inner demons and do not feel hate, though I should.
You're heart is blackened with sins, how do you hold your head high?

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Anonymous said...

...I read this several days ago and wanted to write you something to try and make it better - I have nothing, except I feel your sadness, too, at times. At last count there are over 6 billion people here with us, and you don't have to look far to properly connect. It's human to want to pick one and stick with it, but illogical to think that the choice was anywhere close to the best fit. you take care...