Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trick and Deceit

I believe the smartest people hurt most in life, they see it for what it really is. They deify the rules and tricks that try to elude them from the inevitable conclusion that it is all worth the pain in the end. But is it really?
I believe life after death is an endless nothing, except for your soul. Your soul will come back many times, each time a little more battered and bruised. So if life is a game, who is the master? And who ever really wins?
No one.
People believe in God to ease the fear, now I feel no fear. I'm ready to let go and feel nothing, numbness walks with me, hand in hand.
So, while the population remains oblivious, there will always be those who are more intelligent and see things realistically, the ones who are hurting a little more each day.

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