Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lust in the Movies

Lying in your own bodily juices spilled from your one night-stand, passion and lust carved into your skin. You bathe in your filth, enjoying the putrid smell of sex and lies, a mixture of broken home remedies. Society does not shun you, though deep down you know you deserve it. See, you are the typical painted picture of today’s society; it embraces you and worships your existence for everyone else is exactly the same. Monogamy is a word that has become lost in translation like the biblical text you preach and do not practice. Daddy’s little girl is a dirty whore. Although she scrubs herself clean of her latest sexual escapade, the guilt and stains will never leave her alone. Behind her eyes is a world of half-truths, perfect faces and forgotten names. Though Daddy does not see this, he latches onto the falsehoods and creates a film of transparency to her words.
She is just the perfect little daughter, the perfect little student, the perfect little slut. Sucking cock in the name of love, choking on her words- what is the point?

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Nita said...

that's really sad. if only parents could see the truth instead of seeing only what they want, then maybe their children can actually get the help they need