Sunday, May 31, 2009

Old Musings

Just some stuff I wrote a little while back thought I may aswell post it.

Withered heart, shattered mind
Broken trust, deadly lies
Abused faith, loss of love
Masked phantom of the night.

Lurking in shadows, feeding off pain
Morals abandoned, evolved from hate
Consumed with anger, silent tears
Masked Phantom.

Routine composure, crooked smile
Torturous thoughts, gripping stares
Weakened victims, hungry hands
Night Creature.

Determined movements, cold eyes
Void of emotion, macho man
Stalking innocence, lustful purpose

I've felt my fair share of loss, shed myself of tears
Learnt to suck it all up, they never think twice
Silent prosecution, the judgement never ends
We just learn to survive feeding off others

And when they turn their backs, I weep for all my loss
For even when surrounded- we are always alone
Struggling to contain it, I fall to my knees
Battered and bruised, I can't pick myself up this time
No one will save me; I discovered that in the past
Darkness consumes me and I accept my fate
This could have been different,
If only someone cared.

Sew your seed
Spreading your lies,
like the seed of life, let me breathe them in;
A safety blanket of you around my heart;
poisonous words and deceit.
I kiss you and taste it on your lips,
and what will you do when it all comes crashing down?
When your past hunts you, ready for the kill?
When I'm not there to lick your wounds clean?
When I love you isn't enough?
You will fall, hitting the ground with a thud
And I will pick up the shards of you heart,
cradling it to my chest;
Now maybe it will only belong to me.
The roles reversed.

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