Wednesday, July 1, 2009


DR Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Different personalities, or just different moods?
She can't keep up, the sudden advances and anger bursts are sending her to a place she cannot escape. Yet, she doesn't want too. The blackness has become a comfort thought, a friend in times of need.
The only thing familiar, spitting acidic lies, making her feel unworthy- she claws to it, the monkey(in her head) tells her it's all true.
Alter egos far too confusing for a riddled mind. Breeding with rats, plauged with sickness.
Oh, the perks of insanity.


Anonymous said...

not really a comment -

Dare I ask... do you twitter? I'm normaLonghorn and just started again after an absence

bec kate sunshine. said...

i happen to be reading that right now...dr jekyll and mr hyde